Where do you source your specimens?

The majority are roadkill that we have harvested, nearly everyone I know tells me when they see roadkill somewhere..! Some are from pest control, and I am very select on who I go through for this. The contacts I have are very ethical in their field. Most of the rats and rabbits I use come from reptile shops and are sold as feeder animals. And from time to time people are kind enough to make donations to Yours Oddly, such as animals falling to thrive on farms and from breeders.

How did you get in to taxidermy?

I started some years ago with faux taxidermy and horror art dolls. I had always wanted to learn but thought I might be too squeamish!! But I worked up the guts (haha), bought a frozen rat and gave it a go! He looks horrific, but I have named him Phteven and he lives on my bookshelf..

Do you take on commission work?

Yes, absolutely. For any type of commission work - whether it be a cool idea or a pet memorial - please email me at faux.horrors@gmail.com or contact me through my social media pages.

Do you make everything yourself?

I do everything from skinning to tanning to skull cleaning and beyond. I do have help from the hubby for the heavy stuff (and he gets some good ideas too ;) so he is part of the creative team!) But yes, unless I happen to purchase some cool pelts or so, essentially all work from start to finish is done by me.

I would love to learn taxidermy - where do I start?

Well, there are a number of great resources available - a few good books out there! It can be a learning curve trying to find info on the internet (shocking right?!) but taxidermy.net has a wealth of information. If you are in Adelaide please stay tuned for some beginner classes I would like to start up :)